Friday, February 19, 2010

Catboy show: Harry

”Are you ready Harry?” VP smiled gently scratching Harry behind his fuzzy ear.

“Mreaow” The catboy smiled looking up at his owner, the beautiful vampire VP who were looking down at him with a pleasant smile that just barely showed her fangs.

“Come on Harry, it is time for the competition.” VP said tickling the catboy beneath the chin to get him to stand. Harry slowly got up on all four and stretched his back with a satisfied yawn, he was wearing a fishnet swimsuit with the lower part like a thong with a small piece of black silk to cover his privates.

“Mreaw.” Harry purred rubbing against VP’s cold white leg with his sleek black tail standing high into the air.

“That’s a good kitty.” VP smiled to her pet as she fastened a black leather string to Harry’s collar and gently pulled him forward. “Come on kitty, if you win then I will let you sleep in my coffin with me tonight.” She smiled as she led the purring catboy into the viewing area. Hundreds of spectators had gathered all around the stage looking down on the catboys who were being groomed on the floor before it was their turn to get on stage for the final testing, and all the while judges circled the floor making notes about each catboy. Harry nuzzled against VP’s leg as the crowd looked in his direction, it was his first ever catboy show and he was causing quite a commotion with his smooth skin and cute blush that was now taking over his cheeks.

“Here we go.” VP said as they got to their stand. “Up you go.” She smiled tapping on the little table they had at their disposal and Harry gracefully leapt onto it. “Don’t pay attention to the crowd Harry, just ignore them and enjoy the activities.” VP smiled in his ear and it was almost as if the catboy understood as it licked her face in response. VP giggled and pulled out a hair brush, and gently brushed Harry’s tail till it was shining. VP made a half hearted attempt to straighten up Harry’s hair before settling for the result as her catboy nuzzled his head into her cleavage causing a bit of giggling from the crowd.

“Number 14, Harry.” The name rang over the speakers and VP quickly got harry down from the table and up to the stage where the event judges were waiting. The judges were twins named Fred and George and they were sitting naked on a big futon on the middle of the stage, Harry was a bit nervous as he approached the futon but VP nodded happily, encouraging her catboy to join the twins. Harry got down to the twins on the comfortable futon but barely had time to settle down before George planted a kiss on his lips. Harry resisted and pushed himself away with a hiss, before noticing that VP looked disappointed in him. Harry looked at her confused before the other twin Fred kissed him, and VP lit up like a Christmas tree of happiness, in his little mind catboy realized that he could make his owner happy if he did as these two twins wanted.

Harry blushed furiously as Freds hands started to massage his chest and the blush didn’t lessen when the other twin started to run his hands up and down his tail, massaging it gently while planting kisses on Harry’s back. Harry was in their mercy, purring like a maniac as Fred released the kiss and started nibbling at his ear. The catboy felt something poke against his stomach and as he looked down he lay eyes on Fred’s manhood standing proudly into the air, Harry stared at it in a trance as George began to massage his buttocks and Fred began to slowly peel the fishnet swimsuit off the catboy.

Harrys hands reached down and gently started to play with Freds cock as the catboy giggled with every pulse of energy that went through it. Fred moved back slightly and pulled the catboy with him onto all four as George peeled the swimsuit off him from behind, revealing that the catboys cock was clean shaven and pretty long and thin, and also revealing his pink star where George placed his mouth and pushed a tongue into his ass.

Harry purred loudly as Georges tongue explored his insides but it still didn’t take his mind off the curious cock that was now right in front of his face. Harry purred and rubbed his face against it, only to realize that it was sticky. Harry thought about it for a moment before carefully licking the shaft of the cock and suddenly the catboy lit up in a smile as he realized how delicious this sticky stuff were. Harry licked away on the cock lapping up every drop of precum and hardly noticing that George was getting into position before he gently pushed his cock into Harry’s ass. Harry hissed scared for a moment before spotting the face of his owner and her face that was bursting with pride, seeing her face made Harry relax as the cock pushed deeper into his ass.

It took a few uneasy moments before Harry started to enjoy the cock pumping in and out of him but it wasn’t long before he was purring like he was on catnip and turned his attention back to the cock in front of him, it had fallen a bit and wasn’t as firm as it had been. Harry played a bit with it while trying to keep his balance from the constant pounding but it wasn’t sticky as it had been before. Out of the blue the catboy spotted a little drop of the delicious sticky substance on the tip of the cock and he realized that it must be coming from inside the cock and so the only conclusion the catboy could come up with was to suck it out.

Harry took the head of the cock into his mouth and started to suck on it as if it was a stringy toy, but as Fred placed a hand on his head and pushed him downwards he began to move up and down the cock in the same rhythm as the cock was pounding into his ass. Harry’s tongue slid all around the cock determined to catch every drop of liquid it could. The pounding in the catboy’s ass changed as it became more rough and suddenly Harry felt a hard thrust and something flooding into his ass as a hand grabbed the skin of his neck and pulled his head up. Just as Harry’s lips left the cock it erupted spewing cum all over Harry’s chest as his face was brought up and kissed passionately by Fred.

The pounding in his ass slowly subsided and George pulled out, allowing Harry to lie down on the sticky futon as VP came running over to him.

“You did great!” She said excitedly giving her catboy a deep kiss. “I don’t even care if you won, you did great.” She smiled as Harry just rubbed his head into her cleavage again, happy to have pleased his owner.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

GinXMasatoXRyota - breakfast

Gin awoke slowly, not fully aware that he was even waking. He didn't mind, he wanted to go back to sleep, the dream had been beautiful, so full of love and… well, love. Gin lay for a while with his eyes closed, hoping to slip back into the dream, it had truly been a great dream, perhaps the best dream he had ever had. He had been with Ryota and Masato, and they had not only understood, they had returned his feelings. Gin could remember it all vividly, surprising since he could rarely remember his dreams, and it must have been a good dream because he could feel that his crotch was sticky. Gin slowly opened his eyes, there was no hiding from the truth, he thought as he stared up onto the sealing as he had done so many times before when he awoke from a painfully pleasant dream.

Gin was slightly surprised to see that there was a new mark on his sealing, and that crack wasn't there last time either, and wasn't the color just very slightly off and as the truth of the roof finally dawned to him a hand gently took his beneath the sheets and Ryota's voice whispered gently in his ear.

"Good morning sweetie." He whispered giving Gins hand a little squeeze. "Did you sleep well?" Gin froze, it hadn't been a dream, it had really happened. For a tiny moment Gin felt safe and loved before he reached the terrible conclusion: It had been about sex. They had used him like a sex toy, they loved his body and now he was just in the way.

Gin suppressed a tear and sat up. "I will out of your hair in a few minutes." He said in a hoarse voice as he swung his legs out of the bed, it had all been too good to be true anyway.

"No you wont." Ryota said, gently but firmly pulling him back into the bed.

"Why not?" Gin asked angrily. "This was all for the sex anyway." He said losing all his power as he realized what he was saying and broke down crying next to Ryota. "How could you do this to me?" Gin cried desperately. "How could-" But his words were cut short as Ryota's arms reached around him and pulled him to his chest. Gin cried his heart out for almost 10 minutes before his never ending stream of tears finally ebbed into small sobs.

"It was never about sex." Ryota said gently, stroking Gins hair as he spoke. "I love you, WE love you." Gins sobbing slowly faded away.

"Where is Masato?" He asked trying to keep his voice steady.

"He went to get some breakfast for us." Ryota said, happy that Gin had stopped crying but still held Gin in his arms, stroking his hair gently. "I stayed here with you, we didn't want you to wake up alone."

Gin fell silent again, just absorbing all the calm love that Ryota was giving out. "I didn't know what to think." He simply said.

"We know you pretty well by now Gin." Masato said appearing in the doorway with a bag of groceries. "We have seen you fight and kill and almost be killed, always with a smile a witty comeback and without regrets, but when it comes to your heart…" he said crawling up to Gin and Ryota in the bed. "You are fragile. We would never toy with that." He smiled and gave Gin a small kiss on the forehead. "Never."

"I'm sorry I…" Gin paused slightly trying to find the right words. "I should have known you wouldn't treat me like that. I'm sorry." Gin said shamefully.

"It is okay." Ryota smiled gently as Masato got undressed and crawled beneath the covers putting another pair of arms around the still shaken second love of his life. "We know you are fragile in these things." Ryota smiled and stroked Gins hair while Masato planted a few kisses on Gin's neck. Masato slowly rose up with his face in eye height, he wanted so bad to kiss Gin, to show him his feelings, but he knew that Gin had to kiss him first, to overcome his fear and allow himself to show the feelings he had kept hidden for so long.

Gins lips shivered as he finally managed to place a kiss on Masato's lips. It was a short small kiss, but with the small success experience of the first kiss his lips soon returned and this time Masato's lips were there to greet them. It wasn't a wild kiss, there was no tongue or elaborate techniques, but it was a special kiss, it was a kiss that finally broke down a wall he had built around his feelings. After a while their lips parted but Ryota's were there to catch them again and Gin kissed him with tears of joy in his eyes.

"Thank you." Gin said with a firm voice. "I love you two like no one else on the planet, maybe someone on Mars but no one on earth." Masato and Ryota both smiled at the joke, the fact that Gin seemed to be regaining his ability to joke was the biggest sign they had seen yet that he was going to be alright.

"Now come out of bed you two." Masato smiled. "You both need a bath." He chuckled, climbing easily out of the bed and offering Gin and Ryota a hand each for support, which the both took and Masato pulled them upright. "Ill make us some breakfast while you make yourself pretty." He smiled and kissed both Gin and Ryota quickly before heading into the kitchen with the grocery bag.

"I didn't think he could cook." Gin said curiously as Ryota took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom.

"He has been practicing." Ryota smiled. "He wants to make a good impression on you so he has learned to cook an English breakfast or something like that." Ryota giggled and turned the shower on leading by example and headed into the shower, prompting Gin to follow him under the cleansing drops. Gin blushed and wriggled his hands in agony, unsure of what to do or how to act. "Its okay." Ryota smiled. "This is after all not the first time we are in the bath together. But it was a different bodily fluid I washed off you back then." He smiled referring to the time where Gin had returned bloody and beaten after a year of loneliness.

"Well back then I wasn't really in my right mind." Gin blushed at the memory.

"Maybe not, but you were still you, and I loved you then just like I do now." Ryota smiled as he began to wash Gin's hair. "You had longer hair back then, I liked that."

"Well I wasn't very good at taking care of it." Gin said shyly.

"If you grow it out again, I can help you with it." Ryota suggested as he washed the shampoo out of Gin's hair and turned off the water, stepping out and handing Gin a towel. Gin dried himself up and went out of the shower where Ryota where flattening his hair out. Gin spread out his arms, but then lost his courage till he caught Ryota's eyes in the mirror who nodded slightly. Gin slowly put his arms around Ryota and hugged him gently from behind.

"Thank you." Gin said nuzzling against Ryota's back.

"For what?" Ryota asked still fighting with his curly hair.

"For doing all these things to make me feel comfortable. I know I am very slow at adapting to these things." Gin blushed.

"It is okay Gin." Ryota smiled finally making progress with his hair. "You don't need to change who you are. We love you, the you we know, not some imaginary relationship you. Just be yourself, the best relationships are built on friendship."

"I can figure out how to kill gods but I can't even figure out how to act around those I love, I must be some sort of idiot." Gin smiled and kissed Ryota's neck. "I am going to get dressed."

"That reminds me." Ryota said finally putting down the flattening iron. "We went shopping a few days ago, bought you a little gift." He smiled. "It is in the closet."

Gin went in and his jaw dropped as he opened the closet and found a baby blue dress hanging in the closet. Gin could barely help himself and quickly put it on and stared at himself in awe in the mirror. The baby blue dress followed Gin's shape perfectly and through a clever use of just marginally changing the tone of the color it managed to add more curves to Gins body than he had ever thought possible. It was quite long reaching almost down to Gins ankles but a long clean cut up the right side of the dress revealed Gins leg and allowed him to move freely.

"Masato had it tailor made." Ryota smiled to Gin in the mirror.

"Its… Beautiful." Gin said awestruck and turned around. "It must have cost a fortune."

"Masato got a raise, and he decided that he wanted to get us something." Ryota smiled and walked over to Gin and running his hands down Gins sides. "It fits you just perfectly." Ryota smiled and gave Gin a kiss. He got me this one." Ryota smiled and opened the other closet and pulled out a long red dress that was similar to Gin's and Ryota quickly slipped into it. "What do you think?" Ryota asked turning around for Gin.

"You look astounding." Gin gasped and reached forward and caught Ryota's hips, pretending to rearrange the dress a little bit.

"You don't have to hide it if you want to grope." Ryota smiled and moved Gins hands to his ass. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah." Gin blushed feeling his cock rise against the dress as his hands were feeling up Ryota's ass.

"Come on, lets get out to Masato before we get the new dresses dirty." Ryota blushed and Gin spotted a bulge evolving in his dress as well. Ryota pulled Gin with him and hand in hand they walked into the dining room where Masato was finishing up the table. He had really pulled out everything he could in the kitchen, which was unsurprisingly not a whole lot. There was everything that should be on a breakfast table, toast, sausages, bacon, eggs, milk, juice, tea and pretty much everything else the heart could desire.

"Hi there Lovely." Ryota smiled and Masato lid up in a smile as he looked up at Gin and Ryota.

"You look gorgeous." Masato smiled and walked over and hugged each of them. "Are you okay?" He asked Gin concerned.

"Yeah I am fine." Gin smiled shyly. "Thanks for the dress."

"You are welcome." Masato smiled happy to see Gin in a good mood. "Come on sit down, I made breakfast." Masato said excitedly and Gin and Ryota sat down on each side of Masato. Almost everything on the table were almost, but not quite, eatable. The only thing that was made well was the bacon so Gin made sure to load up a lot of that. "So what do you think?" Masato asked exited.

"It tastes great." Gin smiled and gave Masato a small kiss on the cheek. "The bacon at least."

"I tried real hard you know." Masato said sourly.

"We know." Ryota laughed. "But you just can't cook dear." Ryota smiled giving Masato a small kiss as well. "It doesn't matter anyway, I can cook if you just keep that flavor of yours."

"What flavor?" Masato asked but it was Gin who answered, turning Masato's head and giving him a kiss.

"That flavor." Gin blushed, a small tent growing in his dress under the table.

"Oh." Masato said suddenly realizing the obvious. "Well I will try to keep my flavor then, but I am afraid it needs to be moisturized every once in a while." He said with a smirk.

"Well I guess we will have to take care of that." Ryota giggled giving Masato a deep passionate kiss.

"I want to help too." Gin moaned and pulled Masato away from Ryota, kissing him deeply. Gin flinched slightly as he felt a hand of his thigh, but he quickly calmed down again as Masato's gentle hand caressed his thigh and Gin felt his tent grow larger.

"It is a good think the dress is loose." Masato smiled gently rubbing the tent as Ryota undid Masato's pants and pulled them down as Masato and Gin's tongues danced together. Ryota pushed the table back, giving Masato more room as his hands felt their way up Gin's sides. Ryota came from behind sucking on Masato's neck as he and Gin were still locked together by the lips. Ryota pulled Masato's pants down and managed to get the two passionately kissing men to slowly move to the cough. Gin was so intoxicated by what was going on that he barely noticed that they moved to the couch, Masato's hand slowly slipped inside the dress and caressed its way up Gins bare leg, gently massaging Gin's balls as his hands reached the crotch. Gin let out a gasp that finally broke the long kiss as Masato gently squeezed his balls.

"I wonder how your dress looks from the inside." Masato smiled deviously and slipped downwards, but his lips were quickly replaced by Ryota's who sat down next to Gin and gave him a passionate kiss.

"You are a good kisser." Gin smiled dreamingly as he felt Masato's warm mouth engulf his dick underneath the dress. "Ahhhh." Gin gasped in pleasure and felt up Ryota's body over the dress. "Move closer." Gin said pulling Ryota up into the couch and slipping his head into Ryota's dress. Ryota gently ran his fingers through Gin's hair as Gin mimicked the treatment Masato was giving his own cock and deep throated Ryota. Ryota gasped loudly, gripping hard into Gins hair as his cock hit the back of Gins throat again and again. Masato was gently stroking his own throbbing cock while deep throating Gin.

All three of them were nearing their climax, Ryota's moans sounding loud enough next door, as Gin pushed a finger into Ryota's ass and massaged the prostate. That was too much for Ryota who came with a loud cry of ecstasy, Gin was next the taste of Ryota's cum bringing him to his climax spewing his cum into Masato's mouth who was jerking furiously as Ryota pumped his last shots down Gins throat and fell down next to the still climaxing Gin. Masato sucked Gins cock dry from its liquid love, before he got on his feet and presented his still throbbing cock. Gin and Ryota were not long to take the invitation and soon their tongues were playing with each other and Masato's cock as they licked and kissed the long shaft. With a roar Masato came in a massive orgasm, sending his cum all over Gin and Ryota's faces and dresses, before collapsing into Gin and Ryota's arms who pulled him into a shower of kisses and embraces.

"You are right." Masato said as he licked some of his own cum off Ryota's face. "I do have flavor."

"Yeah." Ryota giggled. "You do."

"I… I love you." Gin simply said with a single tear in his eye as he hugged his lovers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

GinXMasatoXRyota - tricked

Last time on… this crossover sex thing!
Gin and Masato had sex in a desperate fight to find out who was seme and who was Uke and culminating in Masato's complete domination. And now the exciting conclusion! or second part, I don't know if I will make more, but still exiting!


"Told you I was Seme." Masato gasped for breath.

"This time." Gin breathed back.

"Admit it Gin you were born Uke." Ryota's voice suddenly erupted from the door.

"Ryota!?" Gin said shocked pushing Masato off and started to pull his pants up. "I can explain this."

"Oh can you now?" Ryota asked raising an eyebrow. "You can explain why my boyfriends sperm is leaking out of your ass?"

"I drugged him." Gin winged it, he was not going to be the monkey wrench in this relationship no matter what. "Hyped him up on happy pills and Viagra, he has no idea what he doing." Gin said trying to get off the couch but Masato had put his arms around Gins waist and was holding him back. "See he is completely mind fucked." Gin said trying to rip Masato's grip off and cursing Masato for not knowing when to stop. Gin was well aware that if he didn't find a way to get out in a matter of moments he was gonna end up with more than a black eye from a rightfully pissed off super powered spouse.

"So you drugged him?" Ryota asked clearly not buying it as Gin finally got out of Masato's grip and made a run for the backdoor. "Don't turn your back on me." Ryota demanded as he sucked water out of the nearby taps and covered the backdoor in a thick wall of ice. Gin looked around and realized that the only way out was through the front door behind Ryota. Gin made a run for it, super developing the muscles in his legs to make him run at blazing speeds, he soared past Ryota in a large ark but suddenly he lost his footing as the ground was suddenly covered in ice and Gin fell on his ass, sliding across the floor and slamming into the wall.

"I told you not to turn your back to me." Ryota shrugged as ice incased Gin locking him tightly in place against the wall. Without any way to move Gins mind went over his options, he could probably defeat Ryota if he went all out but he had no interest in hurting Ryota, he had already hurt enough people and he had promised that no matter what he would put Masato and Ryota before himself. "I think you owe me something after what you have done." Ryota said walking menacingly closer right arm being incased in a giant ice fist. Ryota grabbed Gins throat with his left hand and lifted the ice hand high above his head and Gin closed his eyes to prepare for the impact. Gin waited for almost 4 seconds with his eyes closed and just when he started to wonder when the hit was gonna fall he felt moist lips pressing against his own lips and a tongue being pressed into his mouth. Gin opened his eyes in complete surprise and stared into Ryota's bright blue eyes that slowly turned back to their natural maroon color as the ice around Gin melted.

"Wh-what?" Gin asked completely baffled by the turn of events as Ryota stepped back with a smile on his face.

"That was for the FBI prank." Masato laughed as he went over to Ryota and kissed him lovingly. "I missed you love."

"Are you telling me this was planned?" Gin asked as it dawned to him what Masato was talking about. "You planned this?" Gin asked shocked as he stumbled to his feet leaning against the wall.

"For months." Ryota smiled reaching out to take Gins hand but Gin slapped it away a bit more rudely than he had intended.

"You BOTH planned this?" Gin asked trying to get his facts straight, Gin build his existence on knowing exactly what was going on and this turn of events was not sitting well with that.

"We have tried to get you on the hook for months." Ryota smiled reaching out again and grabbing Gins arm successfully this time.

"This is… wrong." Gin nodded to himself and tried to pull away, he had landed smack down in the phantom zone or something like that and in just 2 seconds the world would implode. But Ryota wouldn't have any of that and pulled Gin into a breathtakingly deep kiss that lasted almost half a minute where Gin was too surprised and too in love with finally expressing his feelings for Ryota to struggle and as the kiss finally broke Masato was there to take over kissing Gin passionately and as that kiss finally broke Masato and Ryota took Gin by a hand each and led him into the bedroom where they lay him down on the bed.

"We have been talking about this for quite some time." Ryota said softly in between kissing Gin passionately and Masato pulling Gins shirt off. "We know you have feelings for us, you always tried to keep it hidden, to not intrude, ruin what me and Masato had." Ryota smiled gently a gave Masato a kiss as the switched so that Masato was the one kissing Gin and Ryota started undressing him from the waist down. "But we have come to realize that we both have feelings for you too." Ryota smiled as crawled up to Masato as Gin had now been stripped naked.

"But-" Gin began weakly but was silenced as both Masato and Ryota placed a finger on his lips.

"Just enjoy it now." Ryota smiled as both he and Masato started kissing their way down Gins torso halting to lick and kiss his stomach causing Gin to wiggle and moan under their treatment. Finally they reached down to Gins cock and Masato was the first to get a taste of it and pretty soon both his and Ryota's tongues were playing with Gins throbbing cock. Gin was moaning loudly desperately grasping the covers not to rip his own hair out as Masato deep throated Gins cock and Ryota crawled up to passionately kiss Gin once more before undressing himself and pulling off what scraps of clothing Masato was still wearing. Ryota once again kissed Gin before sucking on 2 of his fingers and probing them into Gins ass while he showed his tongue deep enough into Gins mouth to keep him from whimpering.

"He is ready." Ryota smiled to Masato and got out of the way so Masato could flip Gin onto all four. Masato quickly got in position behind Gin and pressed his cock into Gins ass for the second time of the day, his cock pushing out the overflowing cum from their last act. Gin moaned lightly but he was already expanded by Masato's cock earlier and Ryota's fingers so there was almost no pain as Masato started pumping in and out of his ass. It felt fantastic having Masato's cock pumping in and out of him the cum acting as a natural lubricant, he was so focused on his ass in fact that he didn't even notice Ryota before his cock was right in front of Gins face. Gin didn't even need to be told what to do as he gobbled down the cock hungrily sucking and licking the water elementals cock as best he could while Masato's increasingly violent pumping motions rocked him back and forth.

"I am cumming." Masato moaned and after just a few more thrusts in and out of Gin he once again emptied his load deep inside Gin's ass. "You have an incredible ass." Masato smiled while caressing Gins back and pulling his dripping cock out.

"I want to try it too." Ryota smiled and Gin was forced to unwillingly let the cock go as Ryota moved behind him but Masato soon appeared in front of him and gave him a deep kiss.

"Your kisses taste even better with the aftertaste of Ryota's dick." He smiled. "But you still look hungry, maybe you want a taste of this?" He teased wiggling his semi hard cock in front of Gin who was so lost in his lust that he dint even wait for permission but almost jumped forward to lick and suck the cock clean of the cum and ass juice that was covering it. Behind Gin Ryota pushed his dick into Gins cum filled ass with a satisfied moan, it felt great it was warm slippery and even though he had been taken twice it was still surprisingly tight.

"It really is great." Ryota moaned as he pumped in and out of Gin grapping on to Gins hips to really go deep into where the sun never shines and Gin loved it. Gin was sucking every last post orgasm sperm out of Masato's cock and swallowing it greedily and his cock throbbed every time Ryota plunged deeper into his ass. "I can't hold it in anymore." Ryota moaned and screamed his orgasm out and added his cum to the growing stockpile building up in Gins ass. Ryota thrust in and out of Gin for a bit longer allowing his orgasm to wear itself out before he pulled out and flipped Gin over on his back leaving Gin's cock standing upright like a flagpole. "Now." Ryota said teasingly and sticking 2 fingers into Gins ass and showing them covered in cum and ass juice to Gin. "I want yours, in me." He ended showing the two fingers up in his own ass. Ryota bent down and started to suck Gin's cock again to make it good and moist while his fingers got help expanding his own asshole by Masato's tongue that eagerly came to help. It didn't take long before Gin's cock was throbbing and covered in salvia and Ryota's ass was expanded enough to accept what Gin had to offer. Ryota slowly lowered himself down over Gin's cock taking the throbbing muscle in one centimeter at a time at a painfully slow pace that drove Gin to the breaking point and back again.

Finally Ryota reached the bottom, gasping as the last centimeter went into his ass, Gin wasn't as big as Masato but he was thicker. Ryota slowly rocked back and forth on Gins cock tightening his ass at all the right times to stimulate Gin's cock more than he had ever thought possible. Gin had dreamed of once feeling Ryota's ass but none of his imaginings had even come close the sensation it really offered it was simply divine. Masato who could no longer plunge his tongue into Ryota's ass had proceeded to the next in line and was now sucking, licking and scooping his own and Ryota's cum out of Gin's filled ass plunging his tongue deep into Gin's ass to claim all of the cum and ass juice. Ryota finally began to ride Gin's throbbing cock bobbing up and down at a furious pace.

"I am cumming." Gin croaked his first full sentence since he had been pulled into the bedroom.

"Cum in my ass." Ryota moaned and Gin couldn't do anything but oblige, the tongue in his ass and his cock in Ryota's was simply too much and with a long moan Gin came, and came, and came. If you asked him he wouldn't be able to tell you if he had ever cum like this before, but it wasn't likely, the cum simply wouldn't stop flowing, for over 25 squirts Gin pumped his cum into Ryota's ass before finally loosing himself in fatigue and allowing his hands to fall weakly down his sides.

Masato's tongue took one last scoop from Gin's ass and Ryota bobbed down on Gin's cock just one last time before he gently pulled out the cock and Gins cum started flowing out by the gallon. Masato and Ryota gently sucked Gins cock clean of cum and ass juice before they kissed and licked their way up Gin's torso again, ending as they both gave Gin and each other deep passionate kisses.

"I thought… I thought I had ruined everything." Gin said weakly.

"I am sorry we made you think that way." Ryota said truly concerned. "We love you."

"I love you too." Gin said with happy tears in his eyes as he drifted into sleep in the arms of the 2 he loved.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GinXMasato - Seme or Uke?

”Hey!” Gin called walking into the living room.

“Hey.” Masato responded casually without taking his eyes off the TV.

“Ryota back?” Gin asked as he sat down next to Masato.

“Nah he is still on his little trip.”

“You still having problems?” Gin asked slightly concerned.

“Yeah… we are just kind of drifting apart these days, I mean he has been gone for almost 2 weeks and I don’t even miss him.”

“Well it is hard to miss him when you have my hotness visiting every other day.” Gin laughed trying to lift the mood.

“Yeah I guess I could always jump you if I needed release.” Masato joked on. “You are like a perfect Uke.”

“O Rly?” Gin said raising an eyebrow. “If we were ever to have sex I would definitely be seme.”

“Ha! Not a chance in hell I would let you dominate me.”

“Honey you wouldn’t have a choice.”

“O Rly?” Masato asked skeptically.

“Ya Rl-“ Gin began but was silenced as Masato’s tongue found its way into his mouth. Gin was completely baffled as Masato took charge by grabbing his neck. “Hell no!” Was all that went through Gins head as his own hands shot downwards and grabbed Masato’s ass. “He is not gonna take control.” Masato was apparently thinking along the same lines cause while one of his hands were holding Gins neck in an iron grip the other slipped inside Gins shirt and started caressing Gins chest.

Gin saw that he was getting behind so he decided to step things up, pulling Masato’s shirt off him and as the shirt forced their lips to part Gin went in and gave Masato a large hickey on the neck. Masato moaned as Gin was giving him the hickey and his hands went south, opening Gins pants and reaching in to what he thought would be a pair of boxers. Instead he noticed that Gin was wearing a thong.

“A thong? So uke.” Masato smiled as he pushed it aside and grabbed Gins growing cock.

“It isn’t about what you wear.” Gin moaned reaching into Masato’s pants as well and pushed down the pants as well as the manly boxers Masato was wearing, but just as he reached down to grab Masato’s cock Masato pushed him on his back and before he could regain his bearings Masato’s mouth was nearing his cock. Gin lay defeated as Masato took Gins cock in his mouth and pulled down his pants enough to gain access to Gins ass. Masato poked one of his fingers into Gins hole while his mouth and tongue was giving his cock the time of its life.

“You like this don’t you?” Masato said cockily as Gins moans became louder and louder.

“I am gonna cum!” Gin moaned as he felt his cock throb in Masato’s mouth. Masato barely had time to prepare before he felt the final throbs of the cock and Gins cum shot into his mouth. Masato kept as much of the cum in his mouth as he could and rolled it up in a ball with his tongue before crawling up to Gins face as kissing him deeply, transferring the cum-ball to Gins mouth. “Real Uke eat their own cum.” He smiled as Gin was too tired to object and swallowed the cum. “That’s a good uke.” Masato smiled and turned Gin over, exposing his ass. Masato spat in his hand and lubed his cock up before slowly pressing it into Gins ass.

“Please, let me feel it.” Gin moaned who had completely given in to Masato’s will and Masato wasn’t late to let Gin feel it. Pushing it slowly in and out of Gin’s ass at fist Masato warmed up Gin as he slowly increased the speed and depth of his thrusts. “Cum in my ass!” Gin almost screamed and Masato obliged, emptying his load deep inside Gin’s ass and collapsing on top of him as Gin’s ass was being filled with his cum.

“Told you I was Seme.” Masato gasped for breath.

“This time.” Gin breathed back.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The life of Moominpapa

By S G-Poulsen

Moominpapa is the father to the world's most famous moomin: Moomintroll or simply Moomin, but while his sons life is well documented a lot less is known about his father's life before and after the famous Moomin books and cartoons. The earliest credible information about Moominpapa's life is from about 10 years before the events taking place in the books about what appeared to be the happy lives of a loving family.

Relentless digging through Finnish police files and a healthy dose of blackmail and bribes have however brought interesting facts to the light of day for this eager reporter. A highly classified police report hidden away in a dusty cabinet of the Helsinki police department tells a story that only a handful of selected government official and the involved people themselves, all of which are protected by the Finnish witness protection program. Through a month of investigation I was at last able to gain contact with the victim of one of the most heinous crimes in the history of the Helsinki police department, the person wishes to remain unnamed but has allowed me to quote her with the following quote.

It was terrible. I saw him in the distance, I saw his fluffy tail and that horrible, HORRIBLE hat, I mean I didn't know who he was, It wasn't till years later that I heard about him in the news. He… he was just looking at me with this… animalistic lust; I have never known anything like that stare before or since. And then he just… he… he… he.

At that point of the interview she dissolved into tears at the memory and I decided to leave her to recover. She is the only survivor of what is known as "the Hietaniemi beach massacre" where over 16 people were brutally beaten to death with a cane and the only survivor were raped before being left for dead in the sand.

Officially the crime have never taken place and there is no record of any of the victims ever even existing so it is hard to say exactly what happened at that beach, but it is clear that Moominpapa was arrested not many hours after the massacre and that later the same night the case and Moominpapa himself disappeared into thin air. It is speculated that Moominpapa had strong ties with the government and the richest people in Finland. This, while not a fact, can explain why Moominpapa disappeared into thin air without prosecution, the police report I managed to obtain also makes it apparent that Moominpapa was banished from Finland and was never allowed to return again.

After this event Moominpapa disappears from the face of the earth, not reappearing till he finally appeared in the Moominvalley 2 years later along with his wife to be, who later became known as Moominmamma. Moominpapa seemed to have found true love in his spouse and together they built a blue house and settled down to live peacefully and for a while Moominpapa and Moominmamma lived happily in the Moominvalley without any regrets or any sign of Moominpapa's violent past catching up with them.

It didn't take long for Moominpapa to put his cane to good use and the now world famous Moomin was born and the couple became a family. How exactly the small family came to fame is still a mystery but it is a fact that when they debuted in the now classic children's book "The little troll and the Great flood" everything was changed in the little house in the little valley.

Moomin who quickly became the center of attention and rode of the wave of success all the way to the bank and the bar where he soon established himself as quite the ladies man, despite his young age. Moominpapa didn't take the change well though, exactly what turned the curve downwards for the top hat wearing family father is unsure, people blame stress, jealousy or that his past was finally catching up with him, the true reason remains a mystery to this day though. What is known is that Moominpapa's mood grew darker day after day and that the final straw for the mentally strained individual came when the love of his life, his beloved Moominmamma left him.

When Moominmamma left him in favor of another local resident known simply as Sniff, Moominpapa finally decided to leave the Moominvalley, his ex-wife and drug doing son, behind to go on a trip to clear his mind and fix his life. Moominpapa gained a job as the head chef aboard a vessel that was on its way around cape horn. During the long sea fare surrounded by nothing but sweating muscle bound men and still rebounding from his failed marriage Moominpapa became insecure about his sexuality.

Many psychiatrists have tried to map out Moominpapa's mind over the years and one of the few things they can all agree on is that Moominpapa's sexuality is the likely cause of many of the violent tendencies that befalls the unlucky Moominpapa. This led to Moominpapa's violent mutiny where he beat up every man on the ship and threw the captain overboard before renaming the ship: "the feminine man" and raising the Jolly Roger. Moominpapa himself soon became known as the notorious pirate captain: The Finnish Top hat, and gained infamy as he robbed every ship he came across on the Atlantic Ocean striking down all opposition with his most trusted weapon, a giant purple dildo. For a few years the feminine man reigned terror and good times were had by the crew of the Feminine man, then words reached the pirate ship about another band of pirates creating just as much stir as themselves on the blue waves and it was as if a chill of the cold north went through the spine of the famous fearless pirate the Finnish Tophat as he read the name of the pirate captain.

The feminine man soon caught up with "The masculine woman" and a great sea battle soon raged on for many days and nights. The battle ended as the Masculine woman managed to ram the feminine man and its crew boarded the proud vessel of the Finnish top hat. The crew on the feminine man was quickly overpowered and Moominpapa came face to face with the captain of the enemy vessel, the dreaded captain Sniff, taker of many lives and wives.

Faced with the man who had taken his wife from him Moominpapa went on the offensive, for over 2 hours the captains fought it out evenly, but eventually Sniff's sword proved superior to Moominpapa's purple dildo and it was cut clean in half. Moominpapa jumped into his magic hat and swore revenge as he flew off to a seemingly uninhabited island. Unfortunately for Moominpapa his hat ran out of magic juice during the flight and he became stranded on the island, further investigation of the island soon revealed that it was anything but uninhabited though as Moominpapa soon discovered an extremely advanced hidden on the island. The islanders agreed to borrow Moominpapa firewood and other necessities for him to create signal fires around the island so he would be able to escape the island. Moominpapa however didn't think that was quite enough and decided to steal large quantities' of the islanders' strange explosives to give his signal fires a bit more of a boom. The islanders didn't take kindly to this but left him alone none the less, hoping that he would soon be out of their lives and left completely alone Moominpapa carved out a smiley on a coconut and gave it the name Tuesday because he had made it on a Monday but didn't think to name it till the day after.

It took years for a ship finally to pass the island and when it did Moominpapa excitedly lit his fires but what he didn't expect were the stolen explosives setting off a chain reaction through all the signal fires and the islanders' main power generators causing the entire island to implode and sink the advanced civilization into the sea. Sadly the giant explosion went unnoticed by the ship as the Playboy channel had just launched and the only one not watching the show in the living quarters was the drunken captain who was sleeping on the deck.

When Moominpapa realized that the ship was not going to pick him up he decided to swim his way home, but for unexplained reasons he decided to swim west towards America instead of east towards Europe, leading many to speculate that Moominpapa had received little to no education. Against all odds Moominpapa managed to survive the incredibly long swim and washed up on the American shore.

Never having learned how to speak English Moominpapa didn't do well the first few weeks of his time in America before he realized that he could make a decent buck around various street corners. Eventually he gained enough money to open up his own 'massage parlor' the Finnish heaven. His business in the adult industry didn't last long though as the local mafia was able to spot an up and coming competitor and decided to cut off the problem at the root and burned down the parlor, stuffing Moominpapa in a box and shipping him back to Finland by airmail.

Flying through Finish air space the Pilot was told that he couldn't land in Finland as long as he carried Moominpapa in the plane, for that reason the pilot decided to fly over the Moominvalley and drop Moominpapa into the valley where he had once lived peacefully with his family.

In the years Moominpapa had been gone a lot of things had changed in the Moominvalley, gone were the green fields and the gentle stream of water and the low tech lifestyle, and in its place an empire of gift shops, public toilets and parking lots surrounded the glass incased Moominhouse. Along with the many new structures and businesses also came an army of store clerks, gardeners' and cleaners, and it was one of these cleaners that discovered the box that dropped from the sky. Breaking open the box the cleaner was shocked to discover a very confused and possibly drugged Moominpapa in the small crate. The cleaner was not the pointiest stick in the armory though and thought that Moominpapa was simply the actor who was supposed to be in the Moominhouse in the daily Moomin show that was the main attraction for tourists coming to the valley and so it was with great haste that the cleaner sneaked Moominpapa into his own home through the backdoor.

Exactly what Moominpapa was thinking as he walked around the house is unsure, it is however known from eyewitness accounts from the tourists who spotted Moominpapa before he spotted them, that he was walking around much like he had done during his happy days with his family but when he spotted the tourists everything changed. Going into a murdering rampage Moominpapa quickly threw all of the Moomin actors out of his house through whatever opening was available, and so the actress giving it as Moominmamma ended up flying out of the third floor window. The tourists all fled for their lives as Moominpapa ripped out the floorboards in the kitchen to retrieve the cane that had served him so valiantly years in the past when he had committed the Hietaniemi beach massacre, the angered Moominpapa used his trusty cane to bring down quickly fight off the guards and went on a furious search for his long lost family.

While Moominmamma's whereabouts are to this very day unknown (though rumors say she is currently living life as her alter ego: Paris Hilton), he did managed to trace down his son who was living isolated in a luxury bunker in the other end of the valley. Moominpapa went rampaging from the his house to the bunker while ravaging every single gift shop or parked car on the way. As he arrived at the bunker he found that someone was already engaged with the army of guards and after a few seconds of trying to recognize the blood splattered man he realized that it was none other than his old friend the odd but intelligent and friendly loner: Snufkin.

Moominpapa had always known that Snufkin was against the commercializing of the modern society, but that the quiet pipe smoking Snufkin was willing to take up arms against the corporations was something Moominpapa had never dared to imagine and yet here he was, his green hat covered in crimson blood and Moominpapa quickly joined forces with him as they breached the bunker. Fighting their way t the inner most part of the bunker they discovered Moomin surrounded by what they assumed could only be evil naked smoking hot female henchmen that were torturing Moomin by trapping his head between their legs while screaming and moaning out his name. Snufkin quickly went to save the poor Moomin from his horrible tortures as Moominpapa found himself face to face with his most hated enemy, a former pirate captain and the mastermind behind the Moomin entertainment empire: Snif.

How exactly the fight went on we know very little but what we do know is that when Snif's remains were discovered in the aftermath of the battle he had Moominpapa's cane stuck 10 cm behind his right eye. Soon after the battle was over Moominpapa and Snufkin met up outside the bunker where Snufkin was dragging the kicking and screaming Moomin after him, the poor kid who they quickly discovered was in some sort of paranoid trance thought actually believed that the women that had so clearly been torturing him actually liked him. Brought together by the struggle Moominpapa and Snufkin soon realized that they had feelings for each other and Moominpapa was finally man enough to realize his own homosexuality. After a few weeks the two men were engaged in a serious relationship that ultimately culminated in their marriage. Sadly the joy of their marriage was soon dampened as Moomin, who never got over the paranoid trance and therefore still missed his tortures, committed suicide by swallowing a kitten that in pure panic then clawed its way out of his stomach. While the initial attempt only put him in the hospital to endure weeks of extremely painful operations the kitten soon returned to finish the job by clawing Moomin's face clean off.

Moominpapa went into a long period of grief after the news of his son's death but eventually got over it about 15 minutes later when he was served a great steak for dinner, but just when things were looking up for Moominpapa with his marriage and the quality dinners Snufkin turned out every evening, disaster struck. Snufkin was brutally killed as he was run down by a local farmer in his combine harvester, at the news that his beloved life partner was now spread out over half a harvest of wheat the troubled old Moominpapa snapped once again and completely obliterated the unlucky farmer (The police has yet to find enough pieces of the farmer to ID the victim).

Since then Moominpapa has made no public appearances instead rumor has it that he travels around the world committing dastardly and perverse crimes in the shadow and so this reporter signs out of the Helsinki police station and signs the confidentiality papers that I, by the time you are reading this, have violated, I believe however that my deed is justified. I believe that informing the world about the horrible Moominpapa and his deeds are worth whatever penalty I have to pay for breaking the confidentiality, and allow me to end with a quote from that one survivor of the Hietaniemi beach massacre that I believe is the best advice that can be given when it comes to Moominpapa.

When you see that fluffy tail or the silhouette of that menacing top hat, you do the only thing you can: You run, and you hope to god he doesn't give chase.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Paul whimpered slightly as his mistress squeezed the water container, filling his ass to the brim with water.

“Now go into the garden and ring the bell when you are ready.” Paul didn’t even need telling anymore, he had done it so many times already. Paul slowly crawled on all four out into the garden; his hands were chained together and connected to the chain that was binding his legs together. His ankles were tied to his thighs, making it impossible for him to move in any other way than crawling on his hands and knees. His knees had been ‘equipped’ with fuzzy paw pads making sure that his knees weren’t turned to bloody stumps as he made his way around the house. Paul slowly made his way down the few steps leading to the garden, and found a spot where the ground was relatively loose. Paul’s ass still swimming with water he started digging a hole with his bare hands, while making sure that he didn’t accidentally lose control of his bladder and emptied his ass before time. Paul would be a strange sight to anyone looking over the small white fence: He was dressed in a completely black latex suit that covered his entire body except his eyes and his mouth that was kept open by a ring gag, on his head he had 2 large fuzzy cat ears and from his ass appeared a long black cat tail. Paul finished digging a nice little hole and crawled back to the house. A small golden bell was hanging by the door and with his nose Paul rang it.

“Coming.” Paul’s master yelled from inside the house.

Paul waited patiently by the door, well aware that he couldn’t hold in the water and shit in his ass for much longer. After a few minutes Paul’s master finally appeared, she was wearing a light summer dress and a cute smile.

“So how is my little kitty?” She asked kneeling down beside him as he rubbed himself against her. “Did you dig the hole alright?” She asked and Paul nodded happily leading his mistress into the garden and presenting the hole he dug proudly.

“This should do nicely.” Paul’s mistress smiled patting his head gently as he got in position over the hole. With a quick ‘swop’ Paul’s mistress pulled out the tail plug in Paul’s ass and a combination of shit and water came pummeling out of his ass and into the whole in the ground. It felt good to finally get relieved of the huge load he had been carrying so it was almost an euphoric feeling when his mistress stroked his head gently.

“Good kitty.” She smiled and slowly pushed the tail plug in again, it didn’t even hurt when the plug was pushed in anymore, he had gotten used to the sensation of the tail long ago. Paul purred and rubbed himself against his mistress again as a voice carried into the garden from the street.

“So how is the kitty doing Lilly?” It was Stine who spoke, a good friend of Lilly’s and one who often came over to pet the kitty.

“He is doing good.” Lilly getting up and leaving Paul as she invited Stine inside. “Don’t forget to cover up your mess before coming inside.” Lilly reminded her kitty before making her way inside. Paul slowly poured the dirt into the shit filled hole again and as he was done it was hard to see that the ground had even been disturbed there in the first place. Paul made his way to the kitchen and found Lilly and Stine sitting and talking over a cup of coffee, they both petted and stroked him as he passed them on his way to the food bowls. The food bowl was filled with a thick porridge and sticking his tongue through the ring gag he started lapping the warm food inside. It took him almost half the porridge to realize that his water bowl was empty, pushing the bowl in front of him with his nose he made his way to the table again. Paul moaned to get the attention of his mistress and her friend and gestured to the empty water bowl. But instead of filling the bowl with water his mistress just smiled and pointed beneath the table. Crawling beneath the table Paul quickly spotted where he would get his water from. Stine wasn’t wearing any panties under her short skirt and her pussy was already getting moist as Paul crawled closer and snuck his nose in between the lips. Paul’s tongue made its way out the ring gang again and started licking away, greedily swallowing every drop of juice from her pussy. Stine’s hand found its way below the table and patted Paul’s head to let him know that his drink was coming now. Paul quickly adjusted his position and was ready as the first yellow drops flew from her urethra. Thirstily Paul drunk the pee as Stine’s pee started flowing freely from her. Paul drank as much as he could but a great deal of pee still ended up on the floor, licking the pussy and urethra Paul made sure not to leave her dirty before backing away a bit as Stine stood up. Crawling out from beneath the table Paul rubbed his head against Stine’s leg, and was reported with a pat on the head before Lilly followed her to the door. Casting a glance over her shoulder Paul’s mistress told Paul to make sure not to leave such a mess on her kitchen floor. Paul lowered his head in shame and crawled underneath the table again licking up the pee that had made a yellow puddle beneath the table. Lilly came back as Paul was licking up the last of the pee and crawled out to greet her.

“By god, you stink of pee!” She complained and pulling away from Paul. “You are not touching me till you get a bath, into the bathroom!”

Paul’s head fell as he made his way to the bathroom, crawling into the bathtub, a feat that was made hard by the chains binding his hands and feet together. Sitting there in the bathtub Paul waited for his mistress and before long she appeared wearing yellow rubber gloves.

“I am not gonna touch you as long as you stink like that.” She declared and picked up the shower head. Paul nearly screamed as the first ice cold water splashed over him. Fleeing from the cold water Paul fought for his life, trying to get out of the bathtub but Lilly pushed him back into the bathtub time and time again.

“If you don’t stay still then you are sleeping outside tonight!” She finally threatened and Paul froze on the spot. Sleeping outside was never nice, and it wasn’t exactly summer anymore, so Paul moaned and sat back in the tub as Lilly continued washing him with the ice cold water.

“See that wasn’t so bad.” Lilly smiled as she was drying Paul up with a towel. Paul was shaking from the cold and was desperately rubbing against his mistress to soak up some body heat. “Tell you what kitty. I am gonna let you sleep in my bed tonight.” Lilly smiled as Paul’s eyes lit up in happiness. “Come on.” She smiled and let the way into the bedroom where she started taking off her clothe as Paul crawled up into the bed and picking the softest spot he could Paul curled himself into a ball and purred gently as his mistress crept into the bed as well. She was naked as she crawled down to the kitty in the end of the bed, scratching him behind his ear.

“You have been a good kitty today.” She smiled stroking him gently down over the stomach and grabbing his cock. “and good kittens get rewards.” She whispered and masturbated the kitty till the sperm flew from him and into her hand as he moaned in relief. “Your juices are all over my hand Kitty, clean it up before I go to sleep.” She commanded and Paul obediently licked up all of his own sperm. “Good kitty.” She smiled, patting him on the head before she crawled up into her end of the bed and snuggled beneath the blanket. “Goodnight kitty.” She yawned as she closed her eyes, and in the foot end of the bed the kitty curled up and fell asleep, grateful that he had such a kind mistress.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NaruHina - Yuri for love.

She was sitting at the pond her feet gently dipping into the water, gleefully unaware of the predator lurking in the shadows. She sat there gently moving her bare feet through the water as the predator slowly snuck closer, undetected by the smiling girl. She didn’t expect anyone to be near, she had no reason to look around, the pond was the part of the Hyuga clan’s private garden, and no one ever came in there. But the predator was there, slowly creeping closer and as the distance was reduced to the bare minimal, the predator leaped towards the girl.

“Hinata-chan!” Naruto yelled gleefully, hugging the Hyuga girl from behind.

“Na-Naruto-kun.” Hinata stuttered, blushing madly. “You are back again?”

“Yeah.” Naruto said, letting go of Hinata and sitting down next to her. Naruto took off his sandals and dipped his own toes in the pond before answering. “Got back half an hour ago, Sakura and Sai are giving the report to the Hokage right now. I decided to come here instead.” Naruto sniggered. “So how have you been? Anything interesting happened the last 2 weeks?”

“N-not really.” Hinata said. “Everyone have been away on missions, I am the only one from our year who have been in Konoha. I missed you.” Hinata cheeks flamed red as she said the last line.

“I missed you too.” Naruto grinned and gave Hinata a hug. “So what have you been doing?”

“Thinking.” She said simply

“Thinking? About what?” Naruto grinned.

“About you and me.” Hinata said uncomfortably. “There is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?” Naruto said his smile fading slightly as he sensed the serious tone in her voice.

“Well you… you know I like you… right?” She asked her cheeks redder than ever and her eyes fixed at the water.

“Yeah… I know that.” Naruto smiled gently, unsure of where this was going.

“And I am getting the feeling that… I think that… I hope you like me too.”

“I do like you.” Naruto smiled putting an arm around her.

“Well maybe you have noticed, but… but every time you have tried to get closer, I have pulled away.”

“Yeah I know.” Naruto said remembering the times he had tried to kiss her and she had pulled back with tears in her eyes, one time she had actually started crying. “But I understand, you just want to be friends and that is okay with me.” Naruto smiled broadly, his heart screaming in pain at his own words.

“That isn’t it.” Hinata whispered barely audible, she cleared her throat, she couldn’t lose strength now, she had to tell him. “That isn’t what I am trying to say.” Hinata cast a quick glance at Naruto before looking back down into the water. “The thing is… I am a… I like girls.”

“Oh.” Naruto said, taken aback by the news. “I eh… I don’t really… know what to say.”

“I am sorry I didn’t say anything before, I just didn’t know how to say it.” Hinata said quietly. “I like you, but when I think about… you know… it, I just… I just can’t.” Hinata closed her eyes, while Naruto silently waited for her to continue. “It is just that… the thought of doing it with a man, even you… it disgusts me… I am sorry.”

Naruto gently grabbed her chin and moved her gaze from the water to meet his own gaze. “It is okay Hinata.” He said simply. “Thank you for telling me.”

“I love you Naruto, I really do, I just can’t… I just can’t be with a guy.”Hinata felt a tear roll down her cheek but Naruto quickly whipped it away.

“I can’t imagine how hard this has been on you, and I am sorry I have put you in a situation like this. But let me do one thing for you.” Naruto smiled gently. “Close your eyes.” He ordered and Hinata slowly closed her eyes to Naruto’s encouraging nods.

Hinata heard a small pop shortly after she had closed her eyes, but Naruto had told her to keep her eyes closed so she didn’t dare to peak. “N-Naruto-kun? What was that?” she asked nervously as a couple of lips gently pressed against her own. Tears formed in Hinata’s eyes as she realized that Naruto was kissing her and she pulled away. “I trusted you-“ she wept as she opened her eyes and looked into a beautiful girl’s face. “Naruto-kun?”

“Yeah.” Female Naruto smiled slightly nervous about the situation. “Is it okay?”

Hinata whipped the tears from her eyes and took a look at Naruto’s female form, she had long blond hair set up in 2 cute pigtails, and Naruto’s characteristic but unexplainable lines on her cheeks, and she even wore what could only be described as a female version of Naruto’s normal orange jumpsuit. The jacked was unzipped, hanging loosely around her shoulders, and revealing the black almost skintight T-shirt underneath, that left little to the imagination. “Yeah it is okay.” Hinata blushed, Naruto was beautiful as a girl. “But why?” she asked.

“Well…” Naruto smiled. “I want to be with you Hinata-chan and if you can’t be with me when I am a guy, then I just have to be a girl.” Naruto hugged Hinata, and her cheeks went red when she felt Naruto’s boobs pressing against her own.

“N-Naruto-kun.” Hinata tried to object but Naruto placed a finger gently on her lips.

“It is Naruto-Chan when I am with you.” Naruto smiled gently, her blue eyes sparkling more than the sun reflected in the ponds water. Hinata slowly reached forward, and blushing she gave Naruto a light hug. Naruto was stunned for a second, never before had Hinata hugged her; she had always been the one hugging her. Thrilled by the development Naruto threw her arms around Hinata and lovingly pulled Hinata to her chest. For a moment Naruto closed her eyes in glee, then it struck her what she was doing, and quickly let go of Hinata. Hinata gently pushed her way out of Naruto’s boobs and was able to breathe again, she was once again blushing.

“I am so sorry.” Naruto pleaded her feminine face full of concern and remorse. “I am sorry, I just didn’t think, I mean I haven’t really-“ This time Naruto was interrupted as Hinata put a finger on Naruto’s lips.

“It is okay.” She giggled, her face still rosy from the experience. “Can I… can I feel them?” Hinata giggled biting the index finger that wasn’t still resting on Naruto’s lips, and looking at Naruto with eyes that could melt the heart of even the most heartless of villains. Naruto moved his head slightly causing Hinata’s finger on Naruto’s lips to slip into his mouth where Naruto gently sucked on it for a few seconds before answering Hinata’s question.

“These breasts are made for you, Hinata-chan. You can touch them as much as you want.” Naruto purred slowly running her hands through Hinata’s hair.

Hinata slowly reached forward, she reached under Naruto’s jacket and felt her breasts through the black T-shirt. Hinata giggled in glee; it was clear that Naruto was not wearing a bra, her breasts were firm and stood right out in the air without need for support. Naruto’s eyes were sparkling and she was gently purring as Hinata slowly massaged her breasts. “Today is all yours.” Naruto whispered. “You decide how far we go or don’t go.”

Hinata slowly moved closer, not halting her massage of Naruto’s breasts for a second, she placed a gentle kiss on Naruto’s lips, reversing the roles for once as Naruto was the one blushing madly. “Okay.” Hinata smiled. “Naruto-chan.” She added as she gently pushed Naruto on his back. Naruto could feel the grass tinkling his neck as Hinata followed her down their lips meeting again and again. Hinata’s hands grew bolder as they gently squeezed and played with Naruto’s nipples through the shirt, Naruto moaned and decided to act too, reaching up and massaging Hinata’s breasts.

“Sorry they are so small.” Hinata moaned lightly. “They are not perfect like yours.”

“My breasts are only perfect because I wanted them to be perfect for you.” Naruto whispered and kissed Hinata who eagerly accepted the kiss and allowed her tongue to tip toe upon Naruto’s lips for a few seconds before Naruto’s lips split apart; welcoming Hinata’s tongue into her mouth. Their kiss didn’t break till Naruto felt her T-shirt and jacket disappearing over her head. Naruto lay there on the grass, her breasts exposed to the sunlight and Hinata’s gaze and gentle touch. Naruto moaned and purred under Hinata’s touches and kisses that showered over Naruto’s chest. Naruto suddenly grasped Hinata’s shoulders and with a quick move she rolled her over so that Naruto were on top and Hinata was beneath her. Hinata giggled gleefully as Naruto pulled off Hinata’s shirt with a naughty glimmer in her blue eyes. Naruto’s heart skipped a beat as Hinata’s stomach and breasts lay revealed to her, her skin was white as the carefree cloud and as clean as the water in the pond they were lying at. Naruto reached for her, her hands worked their way all over Hinata’s body, and while Naruto’s hands were busy feeling every single part of her body, Naruto’s mouth was kissing Hinata’s arms, neck, and even gently liking her nipples.

“You know how to treat a lady.” Hinata halfway giggled, halfway moaned in pleasure, as Naruto kissed her way over Hinata’s stomach. Before Naruto knew it she once again found herself on her back though as Hinata flipped Naruto back around. Hinata’s hair created black curtains around Naruto’s face as Naruto giggled, biting her rosy lip as Hinata’s face came closer and closer till their lips once again met and their tongues danced. Naruto felt Hinata’s hand slowly sliding into her pants; Naruto quickly moved her own hands down and undid her pants allowing Hinata easier access.

“Thanks” Hinata whispered kissing Naruto on the neck as her finger slid inside Naruto’s lower lips, feeling the moisture forming from Naruto’s pussy Hinata smiled playfully. “You are pretty responsive for a first time girl.”

“Well you are pretty good with your hands for an innocent girl.” Naruto smirked, her chins flaming up red from Hinata’s touches, despite Naruto’s smock attitude. Hinata slowly slid her finger up and down beneath Naruto’s lips gently brushing a finger against Naruto’s clit. Naruto’s hands shook as Hinata gently massaged her clit, but even though her hands were shaking Naruto managed to undo Hinata’s pants, bringing to view cute white panties decorated with a cutely drawn panda.

“A panda?” Naruto giggled as she reached forth gently rubbing the panda with her thumb. Hinata felt the tingling sensation from Naruto’s touches as she slowly moved around to place her head between Naruto’s legs and her own legs not far from Naruto’s left ear. Naruto was not prepared for the sensation as a finger slowly slipped inside her pussy; it was like she was slowly being filled out by Hinata’s finger. The moisture around Naruto’s lower lips made sure that there was almost no friction between Hinata’s fingers and Naruto’s red pussy as a second finger slipped inside to join the first. The sensation of the second finger inside her made Naruto give out a low purr of satisfaction, as she managed to move herself into position under Hinata and lifting her head she slowly licked the panda decorated panties. Naruto fell back to the ground after not more than a minute of licking though, as Hinata’s tongue brushed over her clit, the feeling sent a tinkling sensation through her body, a tinkling that demanded more which Hinata was already supplying as her tongue once again playfully touched the small erogenous spot.

Naruto felt guilty, she had changed her gender so that she could please Hinata, and yet here she was, brought to extreme ecstasy without giving anything back. Naruto pulled herself together once again reaching up and gently removed the panda panties while Hinata’s tongue on her clit was not stopping its playful and satisfying game for a second. Naruto looked in awe at Hinata’s pussy, she wasn’t shaved smooth, neither was her pussy a wilderness of hair, instead there was a small well kept bush of black hair. Naruto licked her own finger to make it smoother and gently brushed and inch of her finger against Hinata’s clit, even that small touch was enough to provoke a reaction from Hinata. Hinata’s tongue stopped moving for a second as she breathed in deeply to calm herself from the sudden stimuli of her clit. Naruto raised her head from the ground again and as Naruto had felt Hinata bring pleasure to her, so did Naruto try to bring Hinata pleasure. The response was immediate as Naruto’s finger slid between Hinata’s lower lips and her tongue gently licked Hinata’s clit. Hinata was lost for breath, not completely unsuspected by Naruto as she had expected Hinata to be sensitive and Naruto was pleased to see that she had been right. Naruto gently licked away on Hinata’s clit, she didn’t have the same skill as Hinata had but she did her best to make Hinata feel good. Naruto felt Hinata’s pussy moistening and dared to push a finger inside Hinata’s pussy.

Hinata’s arms collapsed under her as she felt Naruto’s finger enter her and hit her low placed G-spot, Hinata’s head landed right between Naruto’s legs and as she was staring directly into Naruto’s cave she decided to take it as far as she could. Hinata inched as close as she could get to Naruto’s pussy, her hands caressing the skin between her legs, it wasn’t shaved smooth, there had simply never been hair making the skin baby smooth. Hinata slowly spread Naruto’s lower lips and allowed her tongue to dance gently inside the lips for a few seconds before firmly pushing her tongue into Naruto’s pussy. The taste was incredible, she had already felt the taste as she had licked the clit but with her tongue inside the very source of the moisture it was just indescribably. Hinata locked her lips around Naruto’s pussy and slowly sucked away on it while her tongue moved around inside the pussy itself, determined to experience every little part of Naruto’s pussy it could possibly reach.

Naruto gasped as she felt her pussy being under treatment from Hinata’s mouth and tongue, Naruto couldn’t concentrate on licking Hinata’s clit while her own pussy was under such treatment, Naruto just fell back in the grass as she felt an orgasm rolling over her. Naruto’s pussy retracted around Hinata’s tongue as Naruto let out a loud moan, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as the orgasm held her in its grip, depriving the new girl of her consciousness.

Naruto didn’t know exactly for how long she had been out, all she knew was that when she woke Hinata had moved and was now lying between Naruto’s legs, Hinata’s tongue licking up the few drops of liquid that was moistening Naruto’s lower lips. As Hinata realized that Naruto was back among the living she crawled up over Naruto’s naked body, gently licking Naruto’s nipples as she passed them, and kissing Naruto deeply as she lay herself on top of Naruto, their naked bodies pressed together.

“I am sorry.” Naruto purred, unable to even appear sad after the breathtakingly amazing experience she had just had.

“Sorry?” Hinata giggled and ran her hands up and down Naruto’s sides, just taking in the feeling of the smooth skin. “What for?”

“I didn’t give you an orgasm.” Naruto said shamefully but was relieved as Hinata simply giggled in response.

“You dope.” Hinata said imitating Sakura’s voice. “This wasn’t about getting an orgasm for me Naruto-chan. I just wanted you to see that you can feel good as a girl too.” Hinata beamed to Naruto, her cheeks reddening a bit.

“You sure did succeed in that.” Naruto giggled kissing Hinata gently. “But even if it hadn’t felt good, I would still be a girl for your sake Hinata-chan, I just hope that one day I can pleasure you as you pleasured me today.”

Hinata’s cheeks blushed completely once again as she ran her hands through Naruto’s pigtails. “You did very well for a new girl. And… I had tried this before.” Hinata added embarrassed, knowing that Naruto had probably thought that this would be her first time.

Naruto simply smiled, her eyes sparkling with love. “I don’t care Hinata-chan. I was, I am a guy most of time, and I understand that you couldn’t wait for someone you never thought would come to ‘your side’” Naruto smiled gently, her eyes not showing one ounce of blame or disappointment. “But I can tell you this:” Naruto whispered into Hinata’s ear. “You were my first Hinata-chan, and I don’t just mean my first as a girl, you are my first and my last, I don’t want to be with anyone but you.” Hinata shed a tear of joy as she snuggled her head into Naruto’s breasts, smiling a smile of pure happiness. “One thing though.” Naruto said nervously. “Can you hand me my pants?” Not many seconds later Naruto’s pants were back on and with a small pop, he was once again a man. “I am sorry.” He apologized. “I just couldn’t hold it any longer.” Naruto said, his forehead sweaty from the long transformation. “And I knew you probably didn’t want to see… you know.” He laughed awkwardly gesturing to his crotch.

“It is okay.” Hinata smiling and blushing at the thought of seeing that thing, it was disgusting just to think about that fleshy thing on Naruto, an insult to Naruto’s female beauty. “and thanks.” She said lying down on Naruto’s chest again, she wasn’t turned on by his male body, but she loved him too much to leave him hanging because of his gender. “For doing all this for me, and for holding on to the transformation for so long it must have been hard to keep going.”

“It was okay” Naruto smiled, secretly proud of the time he had held it up and the extreme circumstances he had kept it going under. “Not too hard a job for the future Hokage.” He said casually, causing Hinata to giggle.

“Mhm, I love you Naruto-chan.”